Follow a wide range of sports in real time with Match Live. This fantastic service gives you the chance to track the action as it unfolds. Enjoy sports including Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, American Football and many more - it's the next best thing to watching the action live.
Track the play as the graphics and text constantly update to ensure you feel part of the action, the Match Live console displays all the key moments throughout the match.
For featured sports, a match action graphic will appear alongside the In-Play markets shortly before the game begins. You also have the option to make the graphic bigger or smaller at any time by clicking the arrow icon. If an event is being Live Streamed you can choose to either watch the action or switch to the Match Live console by using the toggle at the top of the player.
Match Live graphics and alerts cover all the key action:
  • Soccer - key moments such as corners, free kicks, goal kicks, throw-ins, as well as indicating which team has possession and where they are on the pitch.
  • Basketball - displaying two and three pointers, possession, fouls, free throws and time-outs.
  • Baseball - giving you information such as pitcher, batter, bases, strikes and home runs.
  • Tennis - follow each point with aces, double faults and much more.
  • American Football – track every touchdown, field goal, and more in the NFL and NCAAF.
  • Other events include: Cricket, Darts, Golf, Handball, Ice Hockey, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Volleyball, Water Polo, Australian Rules and Esports (CS:GO).

Enjoy In-Play betting like never before with this excellent service.