My Greyhounds allows you to create a portfolio of your favourite dogs, receive reminders when they are due to run and keep track of their performance by adding personalised notes.

How it works

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to the Greyhounds classification.
  2. From here you have several ways to add greyhounds to your kennel:

    • You can select Search in the top menu and enter the name of a greyhound you wish to favourite. If the greyhound is priced up for any race it will appear within the index and you can click the star next to it to add the selection to My Greyhounds.

    • Alternatively, if a greyhound that you like is running that day you can favourite it directly from the racecard. To do this, simply navigate to the race coupon and select the star icon within the header and then tap on the corresponding icon next to the greyhound of your choice.

    • If your greyhound has already run, it can still be added to your kennel by clicking the star next to it on the relevant results page or from the History section within your account. All your favourite greyhounds can then be found by selecting My Greyhounds from the top of the Greyhounds classification.
  3. Once you have added a selection to My Greyhounds you can create and amend notes, set alerts and view the form of any of your greyhounds due to run that day. When one of your favourite greyhounds appears in a racecard, a star icon will display alongside it to remind you it’s from your kennel.
  4. You can set up alerts* to keep up to date with your favourite greyhounds. Select the Race Alerts bell icon within My Greyhounds in the classification header to choose to receive alerts for when your selections are next scheduled to run and find out the results from the races they have entered.
*bet365 alerts are available on the bet365 iOS and Android mobile app and mobile site (Android using Chrome browser only). Event Alerts are also available on the bet365 website on desktop (Chrome browser only).
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